Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Poetry

I love Christmas! My Christmas tree is decorated with angels. I call it my Luke 2:13 tree. This year, I was looking to add a few new ornaments made by the kids with some Bible verses about angels on them.

Always on the look out for a new school assignment, I realized I could have them write some Christmas poetry. I am going to print these out and hang them on the tree as well. I asked the kids to think about what it would have been like to hear from the angels about the birth of Jesus. I gave them choices of Mary, Joseph, or the shepherds, but they both picked the shepherds. It's perfect because it goes with my tree theme anyway! One thing they definitely discovered, expressing yourself in poetry is not easy!

Shepherds of Bethlehem

by Tutone

Shepherds of Bethlehem
Peaceful, silent
Watching the sheep


Angels of the Lord
Bright, loud
Singing their song

The Son of God
Great, awesome
Laying in a manger

Glory to God, the Most High!

Silent Night
by Super

It was a silent and peaceful night.
The shepherds were watching their sheep by the star light.

Suddenly, an Angel of the Lord appeared!
Singing with joy,
The angel told the frightened shepherds
The Son of God was near.

The Messiah, the shepherds ran to see,
When they arrived, they happily fell on their knees!

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