Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finishing the Dome of the Rock Project

The next day our Dome of the Rock model was ready for decoration.

The top was painted gold so if anything shown through it wouldn't be noticed. The bottom was painted sand color, and the middle was painted blue.

Then we started adding our details. The real Dome of the Rock is very beautiful. The artwork would be difficult to copy but the boys had a very good time creating patterns on the counter while I hot glued them onto the model. Patterns were created using sequins and confetti.

Because hot glue guns can be very hot, they are too dangerous to be used by children. Even adults can be burned by them. I got a few burns working on this project.

The roof of the mosque was created by layering on large gold circles that I found beading section at the local craft store.

Here is the finished project!

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