Saturday, September 13, 2008

Middle Eastern Feast Night

Super did a fantastic job of preparing the food for our feast! Phil said he thinks Super may be a master chef in the making! We even added a few things to the menu.

For our appetizers, we had a mixture of nuts and dried fruit, pita bread, hummus, and garlic stuffed olives. The boys loved the hummus. I thought it was awesome that the nut mixture had both pistachios and pine nuts in it. It seemed unusual to find a mixture like that in the grocery store. It had some basic nuts like almonds too.

For the main course, we had beef kebabs, couscous with split peas, fried eggplant, and the cucumber and yogurt salad. Tutone really enjoyed the eggplant, which was funny since he was wrinkling his nose at the name of it before dinner. But it was really spicy and anything spicy is right up his alley. Super liked the beef kebabs that he made, but he wasn't too into the couscous. He thought it had too much curry in it.

For dessert, Super made a banana date nut cake. We are still waiting to digest so that we can try that!

Tutone was very thrilled about the idea of reclining on pillows while eating. Now that I think of it, that was one of the things he enjoyed about our feast last year as well. As he patted his belly during the appetizers, he announced that he felt good to be in his "natural state". I think he meant with his stomach being filled and relaxing at the same time. He's a weird kid. But you've got to love him!

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Lepidoptera said...

Your Middle Eastern feast looks great, and I like the idea of eating while sitting on pillows. We had our Ancient Egyptian meal on Monday (Daddy is working out of town, but we will soon be moving in that direction - thank you, Lord!) and kept it simple with everything else that we've got going on. Besides, we are at LG, and there's plenty of time for fancier unit celebrations.

I'm always glad to see what other TOGers are doing and especially to see what those who are ahead of us have done. It's inspiring, encouraging, and fun!

p.s. Congrats on your nomination too!

Rebecca (Foothills Valley on TOG Blogroll)